French Property Market Update

Who is Buying and Where?

The luxury French market, in specific resorts in the Alps and on the Cete de Azur, is genuinely worldwide. Total though, Britons remain the biggest foreign group of buyers, now accounting for around a quarter of non-resident purchases.

The Property Market in France

Incredibly inexpensive home loans, a more powerful pound and stagnant property costs have caused a cumulative revival of Brits getting homes in France.

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How foreign buyers are propping up

French property prices have cannot rebound since the start of la crise, while the political uncertainties of Francois Hollande's federal government combined with the current whiff of scandal surrounding the president are doing little to help recovery. A lethal combination of shy buyers and intractable sellers implies rates increased just 0.8 per cent in 2012, according to the French Real Estate Federation (FNAIM). In 2013, amidst rising unemployment and concerns over tax hikes for high earners, FNAIM reported a 2.9 per cent fall. If you are interested in france property magazine you need to visit this .

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Structure on and complementing the many national efforts for digitizing market, such as Industries 4.0 in Germany, Smart Industry in the Netherlands and in Slovakia, Fabbrica Intelligent in Italy or Nouvelle France Industrielle (Industrie du Futur) in France, the Commission plans to use its policy instruments, financial support, coordination and legal powers to set off additional investments in all industrial sectors.

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